Phones & Hardware

Our Gigtel system offers a full array of gear that works well together.

Expand with Flexibility.

Gear shopping, who has time? What if it’s not compatible? Our Gigtel system offers a full array of gear that works well together. You get a smooth operational system with flexibility. 

Expand as you need, because after all, isn’t it about expansion?

Phone. Backbone.

Your phone is the backbone of your business. The Yealink VoIP offers a superior display and speakerphone. Get business done with these features: Rapid call handling, Caller ID, bluetooth, 3-way conferencing. Collaboration is enhanced.  Audio clarity that makes you feel like you are talking with your contact in the same room is easy with Optima HD voice technology. Focus on the savings and say, “Oh. Yes!”

Expand your business.

Reliable Security

Security is paramount. The Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway offers reliable security features. Advanced firewall policies protect your data. Tired of slow video streaming? No worries now, with the lag-free system you won’t have those pauses and you also get clear calls. 

Expand your clarity and speed. 


Wireless Access Points

Extend your area coverage with the UniFi access point. An AP (access point) connects your Wi-Fi devices to a wired network. The UniFi AP controller is newly redesigned to give you a versatile  design with optimal performance. You get three key features, spectral analysis, band steering, and airtime fairness. Want  faster interference-free performance with scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management? You can have it. Bottom line, your clients get a better experience. 

Expand your customer experience.

Outside Signal Extension

Outdoor WiFi coverage can be achieved even under many weather conditions. Extending your signal with a lower cost is these purpose of this units. It can help reach tougher to areas and make your WiFi accessible.  Wall to wall coverage. 

   The Mesh Pro Outdoor Unit supplies advanced traffic management.       It can be easily moved without needing prior infrastructure. Get a         new area that needs coverage and this unit will offer a quick                 solution. 

   Expand your coverage. 


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