Get the Essentials

Launching into the new technology of a VoIP system means you need a solid, dependable internet connection. 

Get Ahead, Fast! Go Giga.

Your business is your future. Gig speeds are the future. Business technology will be tied to fast, fiber optic internet services or high speed WISP (wireless internet service provider) systems. Why? You know that every device you’ve purchased seems to change or be upgraded in a short second. Technology will continue to push forward. Getting your Internet ahead of the gear that is coming is important. As your new techno gear comes out your Internet has to be able to support it.  Going Giga sets your company up for success. 


Get the Signal?

Your phone connects your message to your customer.  With a VoIP system you will be connected via the internet. VoIP doesn’t take a great deal of bandwidth at first but as your office facilities and use expands so should your system. Multiple devices converge and the ability to function will need to be supported by your internet provider. GigTel is Powered by Endeavor Communications. Depending on your area check out the speedy plans that we offer.  Get the right signal strength to operate VoIP smoothly. 

Get Your Connections Up, Quickly!

You need to talk to your customers, now. We minimize your downtime. Setting your systems in place will go at our pronto pace. If you have reliable internet through Endeavor it will be operational in a flash. Otherwise, we’ll get your internet connected into your current providers lines.  Get back up in a flash. 


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