Telecommunications is what we do. Remarkable is what we are.

Endeavor is backed by the technical experience, knowledge and staffing to help your business grow. We service business accounts both large and small. Our purpose is to create ways for you to maximize your business.  

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Customer Care extends beyond our Speed Geeks with the backup of Endeavor Communications. Endeavor's customer representatives assist you with inquiries, billing, and more. Endeavor is nationally ranked by Broadband Now as a Top 5 download speed provider.

Responsive Support 24/7

Effective trouble free maintenance is our aim. In the event that your system warrants an immediate response we will kick into action even on a holiday. We keep you alerted to any concerns. 24/7 monitoring helps reduce our response time.

Comprehensive Solutions

Simplify your business life by getting the solutions you need customized for you. No business is the same, yours should be made-to-order. GigTel is designed to be tweaked for your own custom personalized business uses.

A Few of Our Specialists


Dennis "the Techno Therapist"

Are your devices able to talk nicely or do you have to walk to the other office because your programs aren’t compatible? Connection issues is where Josh shines. He’ll get involved in techno therapy, setting up your lines to integrate with all your systems.

Forging Integrated Systems

Luke "the Interpreter"

Feel like you need an interpreter? To figure out what in the world the techno geek just said to you? Contact Luke! He specializes in translating techno babble into understandable concepts. That PBX modulator amp = the phone won’t ring.     

Keeping Tech Systems Understandable


Bruce "the Sleuth"

Do you need a cybersleuth?
Bruce figures out that weird bug in the system no one else seems to diagnose. Meet Bruce. His entire career has honed his ability to sniff out the trouble spots and set them right. He has wired fairgrounds and large multi-level offices.

Shaping a Smooth System Experience


Jacob "the Wire Magician"​

Got your wires crossed? Too many wires wiggled and now your system is wacky? Maybe? Maybe not. Jacob will “magically” untangle your wiring dilemmas. He is well versed in diagnosing old systems to new making sure we keep your equipment updated and communicating.

Maintaining Your System Updates

Get in touch and let us help.